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Miami Hub Infrastructure:

52,000 sq ft Warehouse

3,000 Pallet positions

9 loading docs

Capability to process 3,000 shipments daily

Fulfillment and Logistics

As a global solutions provider FastLine provides fulfillment and logistics services throughout our network including collecting, packing, labeling and processing shipments to residential or commercial customers.

  • Warehousing: Store all your company inventories reducing your warehousing costs.
  • Pick and Pack: We will pick and pack shipments according to your specifications to ensure your safety.
  • Transportation Services: FastLine provides shipping services in air and on ground.
  • Import and export documentation preparation: FastLine handles preparation of proper documentation.
  • Reverse logistics: FastLine assures that the products are quickly returned via the supply chain.
  • Domestic and International Courier/Freight

    Door to door services, worldwide coverage: FastLine has longstanding alliances with all major Airlines, both cargo and passenger, allowing us to be very competitive and flexible with all our product offerings.
    FastLine MIA qualifications:

  • TSA approved Screening Facility.
  • IAC (Indirect Air Carrier).
  • FastLine has a team of specialized customs brokers in each country.
    Extensive know how and permanent research team for customs and clearance in Central, South America and Caribbean.
    Insured and monitored warehouse and services (intelligent tracking).

    Ecommerce: Advantages of FastLine

  • No. 1 E-Commerce International Logistics Provider for the entire chain process.
  • Worldwide Door-to-Door Service, fully integrated with our agents.
  • Hassle Free Customs Processing (with in-house brokers).
  • Integration for On-Line International Checkout.
  • Professional and reliable Worldwide Customer Service and Track & Trace.
  • On-Line Calculator for Complete Shipping Costs (Freight, clearance fees, Custom Duties & Taxes).
  • On-Line Tracking and Airway Bill Creation.
  • Access to a State-of-the-Art On-Line Inventory : FastLine Inventory Management System (SIMS).

  • Information and Systems

  • State of the art collocation facility: NAP of the Americas with redundant Electricity /AC / Internet.
  • Firewalled and audited state of the art fiber optic network.
  • In house development team.
  • In-house proprietary Web based Operational System with online information access between stations and real time tracking.
  • Web based Customer Portal that allows customers to create shipments, bulk mailing, reports, etc.
  • Business Process Management engine for variety of business processes: Billing, Workflows, Inventory Management, integrations, etc.
  • Flexibility on a variety of integrations: EDI, Web services: XML/SOAP, etc.

  • Complete Logistic Solutions

  • Specialized in AOG 24/7
  • Logistic services provider for the entire supply chain process
  • Ecommerce pioneers
  • Ecommerce innovative logistic and IT solutions
  • Diversification of markets and services : we ship directly to 20 to 30 destinations in a daily basis offering a variety of services door to door
  • DDP service worldwide
  • Specialized in Direct Response solutions (COD)
  • Pre-paid solutions/payment on line
  • Sky counters
  • Cargo D2A/D2D: DDP/DDU

  • Additional Information:
    Insurance is available at a cost of $1.00 per $100.00 of declared value over the first $100.00. Dimensional weight pricing may apply on certain bulky, high volume packages. To calculate the dimensional weight you must multiply the measurements of the package (in inches); length by width, by height and divide by 166, this will equal the dimensional weight. If the result exceeds the weight of the package, then the dimensional weight is charged.

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